Litguide School Board Portal Guide

Learn how you can get the most out of the Litguide board management portal.

Table of Contents

Access the Portal

Use the credentials shared with you in the "Your Litguide Invite" email and log into portal.


On the dashboard page, you may find onboarding information on the students in your school. You may also keep track of the redeemed codes and the total available codes.


In the Schools tab, you can see the list of schools in your board, along with their access code and usage.

Created Date: The date the school was added to your board.
Valid Date: The date the access to Litguide would expire. Please note that this date is set at the board level and cannot be modified for individual schools.


In the Classrooms tab, you can see the list of classrooms in your school each with an assigned teacher.


In the students tab you can see the list of all students in the school along with their assigned teacher and classroom.

Students Statistics

On top of the page you can find some statistics on the performance, progress, total available codes and the total redeem codes. The list of the students below this headers also includes the following information, in order:

Additional Support

Feel free to contact us regarding any questions or concerns.

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