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Litguide is an app designed to help you meet the literacy standards in Ontario, as well as preparing you to pass the OSSLT successfully!

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Our Story

Coming from an immigrant family, English has always been a challenge for us. Growing up in  Canada, you quickly discover the importance of being able to read and write at a high level. Unfortunately, many young students do not realize this until they are faced with the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT).

Our experience has taught us that not a lot of students are ready to achieve a passing grade on the OSSLT and move on to post-secondary studies. Having failed this evaluation ourselves, we became aware of the obstacles you face after receiving a non-passing mark. You have one of two options: 1 ) re-writing the test a year after, or 2) taking a full course that is the equivalent of passing the test. Both options can delay a student’s progress towards graduation.