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Litguide: An Indispensable Partner for OSSLT preparation

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At, we are delighted to announce the accomplishment of a significant milestone! Today, we are showcasing our dedication to the Canadian educational system with the issuance of a press release in Ontario.

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Litguide: An Indispensable Partner for OSSLT preparation

As educational paradigms rapidly evolve, teachers need practical tools tailored to their challenges. Litguide stands out as the educators’ partner, offering a solution intricately woven into Ontario’s newly revised curriculum and the intricacies of the OSSLT.

Matthew Brown, the founder of Litguide, envisions the platform as an indispensable aid for educators and students. “With the shifting sands of the educational landscape, we’ve tailored Litguide to make standardized test preparation intuitive and efficient, aligning perfectly with the new curriculum,” he elaborates.

Rooted firmly in the latest Ontario curriculum and shaped to OSSLT standards, Litguide offers a plethora of interactive multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and practice tests explicitly tailored for educators to use with their students. These resources are designed to simplify teaching, making assimilation, instruction, and progress monitoring more efficient. Explore a live demo.

Brown asserts, “Our core mission is to empower educators. Our platform seeks to be the beacon in this ever-evolving OSSLT curriculum, offering educators a comprehensive solution for every challenge.”

Litguide’s commitment to a tailored teaching approach shines through. Recognizing that each classroom is unique, its institutional edition provides educators with a holistic view of each student’s progress, aiding in precise feedback and mentorship.

In a testament to its efficacy and alignment with educational standards, Brown shares, “Our platform has earned the endorsement of a reputable team specializing in application security and privacy. This validation amplifies our dedication to Ontario’s education system.โ€

With aspirations to be integral across all school boards in Ontario in preparing for the OSSLT, Litguide’s value proposition is clear: arm educators with unparalleled tools and insights, enriching their students’ academic journey.

Litguide Can Elevate Educational Methodologies by

  • Providing a comprehensive and aligned curriculum-based solution for OSSLT preparation, saving educators time and effort.
  • Offering a variety of interactive and engaging resources to differentiate instruction and meet the needs of all learners.
  • Providing educators with detailed progress reports for each student to inform targeted instruction.

About Litguide

Litguide is a valuable tool for Ontario educators who are looking to improve their students’ OSSLT performance and enrich their academic journey. With its comprehensive curriculum-based approach, engaging resources, and detailed progress reports, Litguide is an indispensable partner for Ontario educators.

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Litguide is the first curriculum based platform that will help you successfully pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.


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