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Leveling The Playing Field With Litguide

Only 15% of Public High School Students in Quebec Go To University

There is a troubling trend happening in the Quebec high school education system where students attending public schools are far less likely to go on to post-secondary studies. According to a study by Pierre Canisius Kamanzi, a Université de Montréal researcher, 15% of public high school students in Quebec move on to university. In comparison, 51% of students in an enriched public school program and 60% of students in private high schools pursue higher education. Kamanzi believes that it is the culture of success and high self-esteem that propels students in private schools and enriched public schools to aim high with their education goals.

Increased Social Inequality

As a result of these significant differences, the gap between those who go onto post-secondary and those who do not is growing. This results in social inequality which can cause issues down the road. Quebec is unique in that the government heavily subsidizes private schools which leads to many more students attending these schools than other provinces. This has led to Quebec having the most unequal school system in the country.

Lack of Resources For Public Schools

One of the major problems is that public schools lack the necessary resources to compete with private schools. While some solutions have been offered, the key is to fuel the academic ambitions of all students, regardless of where they can afford to study.

Online Study Resources

This is where an online study tool such as Litguide can help level the playing field. Litguide offers a wide range of study materials to help students prepare for one of the biggest exams in their high school education. No matter what kind of school the student is in, almost all of them have access to a phone, laptop or tablet which enables them to access valuable study resources online. The Canadian education system needs to encourage the use of these online study tools so that all students can achieve the best results possible.

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